Su Patel

Su Patel

Su empowers HR professionals to be confident, credible and to love their job by providing coaching, mentoring and training | The HR Leadership Academy | The HR Brand Blueprint | Author - Putting The Human Back Into HR

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At the HR Leadership Academy we provide leadership skills to HR Professionals who work alone and do not have a head of HR or a Learning Team to lean on for support.

Are you are struggling with lack of confidence in some situations and find it difficult to give feedback or be straight with people?

Do you feel frustrated in your HR role, like it’s hard work to influence any change in your organisation?

Have you found that there is still a gap in your knowledge in HR and Employment Law, this is making you feel like you are falling behind?

Are you often undermined with your decisions, leaving you feeling less valued and unappreciated?

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed, taking work home and unable to switch off?

Do you believe you could earn more money for the experience and skills that you have in HR?

Instead imagine your directors and employees see you as the “go to” expert and asking for your opinion on business and people strategy; you have people around you to lean on; you are feeling satisfied that you are being paid your worth for your skills and experience, you have credibility as someone who gets things done when they say and are confident that you are delivering Best Practice HR, you spend quality time with your family and friends and you make time to look after your health.

I can help you build an HR brand that you and your business can be proud of, a service that puts people at the heart of the business.

I have worked in HR for over 25 years and know the challenges that HR professionals face every day, sometimes having no one to turn to and leaving a feeling of overwhelm - we want to make a difference but sometimes we are unable to influence and impact the people around us.

I can help you to let go of the limitations that you have about your HR role and create a vision that inspires you!

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