Michael Griffiths

Michael Griffiths

1 Authority in building Referral Marketing Systems for service providers that guarantee 10-15 warm, qualified leads per week, in the next 30 days.

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⭐Discover how to add 10-15 new warm qualified leads and referrals into your business each week without paying a cent on marketing! ⭐

Do you want more referrals to grow your business?

Your ability to create connections and leverage your networks is your competitive advantage when it comes to business growth. We work with coaches, consultants and professional service businesses to implement the Million Dollar Referral System to generate 10-15 new warm qualified leads and referrals each week into your business, so you can grow!

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What do you need help with? ✅ Getting More Referrals ✅ Filling Your CRM ✅ Growing Your Business ✅ Nurturing Your Networks ✅ Building Referral Sources ✅ Systemising Client Referrals ✅ Creating Mass Exposure

What’s our Offer?

➡The 9 Point Game Plan: Get access to our Million Dollar Referral System Guide - Create a marketing system so that you can build an audience to sell to, an audience to nurture and an audience that wants to work with you.

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➡The Book: Learn how to create your own Million Dollar Referral System - a complete roadmap for how you can get 10-15 new referrals each week

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➡Partnership Club: Do you want to get all the systems, plans, processes, templates to build your own Million Dollar Referral System and start generating 10-15 warm qualified leads ad referrals?

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📞 > 1330 651 258 📧 > michael@referralmarketingguru.com.au 🌐 > https://referralmarketingguru.com.au/

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