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Martin Goodwill

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If you keep selecting the best candidates, only to find they're the worst employees, we should talk.

If you experience high employee turnover anywhere in your organisation, we should talk.

If you don't assess entry-level candidates because of the length/cost/complexity of the assessments available, we should talk.

If you are a recruiter/trainer/coach/consultant looking for a residual income that continues, even when you’re not working with individual clients, we should talk too.

If you have yet to perfect your process for pre-selecting a shortlist from high numbers of graduate applicants for interview, we should talk.

If sifting through large volumes of entry-level applicants is labour-intensive, costly and ineffective for your organisation, we should talk.

Great People Inside is the only fully-customisable assessment platform in the world. We create tailored assessments that are as short/long, simple/complex as our customers need them to be - AND WE DON'T CHARGE YOU FOR THE CUSTOMISATION.

There are too many reasons to mention here as to why you should be using Great People Inside assessments (but see our company description below for more).

If you believe that, in assessments at least, one size really doesn’t fit all, we should talk.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, e mail on or call on 01494 573572 so that we can talk.

Specialties: Volume Recruitment, Graduate Recruitment, Customisation, executive recruitment, Change Management, Talent Management, leadership development, organisation development, recruitment, development, performance management, engagement, productivity, profitability, leadership, reorganisation, retention, high performance, assessments, psychometrics, 360, feedback, assessment centres, management development programmes, Emotional Intelligence, tailored, bespoke, customised, customized, management development programs, people change, applicant tracking system, succession planning

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